“I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the service your team provided and to top it off once I meet Mr. Boutros I was really impressed. He was so professional and family like all in one. I don’t know that I have ever meet someone that for the first time you meet them they made you feel so comfortable and relaxed. Working with him the day of the mediation was a learning experience and also like a friendly get together he was so kind and informative. My husband states his pleasure with having someone so down to earth and friendly helping me to get through this case. I would recommend your firm to anyone in Louisiana or Texas needing a personal injury Attorney. Again thanks to your team ( everyone involved ) for all your help and kindness.” – Maureen W.

“Thank you for all of your hard work on this case. I knew it wouldn’t be easy or even possible, but you did a magnificent job and I appreciate that very much.” – Jody R.

“I was involved in a car accident two months after being married. My vehicle was totaled and I sustained injuries that required neck and back surgery. It did not take long to realize that the insurance company was not taking me seriously and that  I needed someone who knew the process to speak up on my behalf. From the first visit Stephen and his office staff were there to support me every step of the way.  They let me know what to expect and always took the time to answer my questions. Stephen worked tirelessly and pursued every possible avenue to get me the settlement that I deserved. I have no doubt in my mind that without Stephen’s hard-work, dedication and attention to detail I would of walked away with nothing. Personal Injury is always traumatic but thanks to Stephen I was able to get the medical attention I needed and gain a sense of closure to that dark time of my life. I strongly recommend him to anyone I know who has suffered a personal injury and needs someone to stand up for them! My experience with the Boutros Law Firm was so exceptional that my wife even changed careers and got her paralegal degree so that she could help people the way the paralegals at his office helped us. There are no words that can adequately express the respect and appreciation I have for Stephen Boutros.”  – David M.

“Stephen, Thank you so much for all you’ve done for Glenn, me and our family. We know it was God who put you in our lives! Glenn believed in you and never lost hope that his family would be taken care of. We are all doing fine and are enjoying our newest family member, Colin Glenn. I believe God sent Glenn’s blue eyes back to us in Colin. I always loved looking at Glenn’s eyes. I will keep praying for you as you continue to help others and do it in a Godly way! Enjoy a toast on us! Take care.” – Diane R. and Family

“Stephen & Julie, Thank you for closing the case! I know it would not have happened without you two being in my corner! I now realize what I went through for many reasons, and it is clearer to me why the accident happened in the first place. I would have never met my husband, become a teacher or even met you both. Even though I am so glad this chapter is behind me, I am saddened our working relationship is ending. Please know… I think the world of you both. You’re like family to me! Love.”
Tiffany C.

“Attorney Stephen Boutros. Faith, as paraphrased by my pastor, Bishop James W.E. Dixon: ‘My uncompromising confidence in God’s ability to do His will on my behalf no matter what the circumstances’. That is what happened in this lawsuit. God orchestrated you, Atty. Boutros, as my lawyer and I was blessed in God’s selection. My pastor has always taught that spiritual things are accomplished through His selected, or chosen people, God chose to bless me by way of the accident which He orchestrated. Your ability as an attorney was a blessing to me that I greatly honor. You are a good man. My wife Mae L. Ruben wants to say thanks too. We will be your advertisement whenever the opportunity presents itself. Sincerely.” – Thomas R.

“Mr. Boutros, There is no way better to start than by saying, Thank you. You and your work exceeded every single one of my expectations. I have said this before, but will do so now again: from the beginning, this was never about a jury award or my receiving a cash amount. It was and always will be (for me) about justice – the moral principle determining just conduct and the administering of a deserved judgment. You were the hand that was primarily used to wield that justice, and my, you did a most excellent job. I will be going to school now. You had a huge part in making a few years of debt-free schooling a possibility. Thank you, once again. Sincerely.” – Ashley B.

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