9th Person Dies From Injuries After Texas Charter Bus Crash

Officials confirmed on Saturday that a ninth individual died due to injuries sustained in the deadly charter bus accident that occurred a week ago on a south Texas highway.

According to Webb County communications officer, Marah Mendez, 83-year-old Antanacio Almendares suffered life-threatening injuries as the charter bus rolled over on northbound Highway 83 in Webb County. It is not known when Almendares died.

The bus was travelling from Rio Grande traveling north to Eagle Pass.

7 individuals who were travelling in the bus were thrown out of it and the eighth individual died the same day after treatment at the hospital.

Texas Department of Public Safety told that forty individuals sustained injuries in the accident including the driver, but he survived.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, the bus contained an anti-lock braking system, but it was not active as it was not needed when the bus was manufactured. The standard brake system that every vehicle contains was operating properly.

Investigators are making efforts to determine the reason of the accident.

News Source: www.NBCNews.com

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