How To Boost The PPC Performance Of The Law Firm

Google always look for the great content which is based on their user’s need. If the law firm uses pay-per-click as their online marketing and advertising strategy, then Ad extensions are the best way to make sure that the law firm keeps top position in the search results. Attorney pay per click ads that contain relevant Ad extension is more likely to perform better and get the high rank. Therefore, the more information is provided to the potential clients, the more they will engage with firm’s lawyers. The following valuable details must be provided in PPC’s ads:

  • URL of the unique landing page (not the homepage)
  • Descriptive Headlines
  • Relevant Path
  • Provide the content which is valuable and if possible add a strong CTA
  • Use all the applicable ad extensions, including
    • Callout Extensions
    • Sitelink Extensions
    • Call Extensions
    • Structured Snippet Extensions
    • Review Extensions

Callout Extensions

Callout allows the law firms to show unique benefits and offers with the additional text line in ads. The Callout Extensions also provide some valuable information about the firm services. It provides the opportunity to the law firms to offer an insight into authority and trust of the firm. Law firms can use Callout Extensions to create positive ripples in their legal pay-per-click ads. This creates credentials in their PPC ads to maximize the engagement with the audience and qualified leads.


Sitelinks act as the shortcut to relevant pages of the website. The pay per click marketing strategy of the law firm increases the conversion rates and CTR if strong landing pages and right Sitelinks are used. Sitelinks provide additional information to the audience so it assists in the legal PPC strategy. Since the customers are probably desperate and stressed for the information, the Sitelinks are used to address the immediate needs of the clients. Below are the key benefits of using the Sitelinks for the attorney pay-per-click strategy:

  1. Increase the firm’s leads and visibility to more traffic.
  2. Pushes the competitor ads.
  3. Since the people click only on specific pages, it decreases the bounce rate on the website.
  4. Gives an opportunity to make the more relevant ads.
  5. To increase the Quality Score and attract more clients, keywords are used as links.

Structured Snippets

It’s a powerful tool if well-known services are offered. Adding the structure snippets into the account will give a competitive edge to attract the clients to what the law firm offers. Lawyer PPC continues to prove the effective way for the law firm to attract the qualified clients. By using Structured Snippet the specific services and benefits can be featured that the law firm offers.

Make The PPC Work For The Firm By Controlling The Ad Extension

If the pay-per-click attorney ads are included in the marketing plan of the law firm, then the firm should consider how to control the benefits of the ad extensions. Working in the competitive market means any action the company takes must benefit the firm and make the firm stand out in a long run and rise in the exposure of the law firm. Ad Extensions offer to showcase the unique aspects and benefits of the firm as the target audience search for the solution. This is what the Lawyer PPC works for. Contact us and we will find new ways to get you more and quick leads.

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