Dog Bites and what law has to do about it?

Dog Bites are brutally injurious to physical and mental health with a possibility of 99% fatality to the immune system and whole human body. When a dog bites you, not only will it cause you an injury, but it will also expose you to a deadly virus – Rabies. The severity of the bite may differ, but the exposure it may cause is 100%. Although Rabies is completely preventable if the dog is vaccinated, the risk of an animal carrying the virus is still there, especially in cases where a dog has not received a refresher dose. But when you happen to find yourself in such a situation, the first thing you can do is seek first aid, and let your lawyer handle the rest. Knowing the severity of the bite and if the dog that bit you were vaccinated or not is not your problem at that time. Hiring the right kind of legal help will assure that the rest of the case, and issue at hand are taken care of.

Now, let us analyze what happens when a dog bites you, but through a legal lens. First, you get to the hospital to get yourself the medical help you need which means it is going to cost you some money which amounts to financial loss, secondly, your doctor will direct you for vaccinations and post-exposure prophylaxis, regardless of the severity of the wound or injury, this process is mandatory and will feel like champagne on a beer budget, this means more financial loss. Now, what a lawyer can do for you is that he can ensure that you get compensated for all of your medical costs, in form of monetary damages that you will get in a personal injury case. But there is more to it, not only will your medical bills get paid, but a lawyer will ensure that the insurance company is compensating and cooperating too. Insurance agents can be very tricky to deal with, as their job is to defend their company. Your lawyer is going to represent you in this tricky situation. He will ensure that your insurance company and you reach a fair deal. These things will are essential in every case, you are going to get these one way or the other, but the delicate part is getting your damages claimed from the defending party A.K.A the party on whom the liability of their dog biting another person falls. This is the part where the real assessment falls. Your lawyer will not only extend his help in the representation of your case but will also hire experts for the evaluation of your case, such as a medical professional who will help construct the monetary damages to be claimed by proving the severity of your injury and emotional distress or PTSD if caused. An investigator hired for your case, though your dog bite lawyer will ensure that all the evidence that is required for successfully claiming your damages, is gained. Moreover, a lawyer will not only lead you to a successful recovery but will also make sure that every answer related to your case is answered at the earliest possible opportunity. All of this can be done through two possible modes:

  1. Formal Court settlement through a personal injury case.
  2. Informal Out-of-Court settlement through negotiations.

In Short, a lawyer will not only represent you but will also ensure that nothing comes out of your pocket and all the costs are covered through insurance companies and by those on whom the liability lies and will counter any sort of low-ball negotiations and settlements.

So, when you are in a beautiful city like the long beach, where an unfortunate event likes this happens, be sure to approach a Long Beach dog bite lawyer for successful compensation.

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