Fatal Vehicle Accident Claims Lives Of Five San Antonio Residents

BATESVILLE, Texas – The accident that happened on 29th of October left 5 individuals dead. The Texas Department of Public Safety is investigating the case.

The accident occurred at about 10:05 p.m. while a Toyota Camry was travelling alongside US 57 South of Batesville and drove onto an oncoming lane of traffic hitting a Nissan Altima.

There were 3 individuals travelling in a Camry of which 2 died at the accident spot. The 3rd one sustained life-threatening injuries and was rushed to Brooke Army Medical Center where he died. The names of the victims inside the Camry are:

  • 66-year-old Rudy Salas
  • 61-year-old Lupe Garza Salas

They both died where the accident happened. 56-year-old Maryann Garcia was the third passenger who was taken to the hospital in serious condition and succumbed to injuries.

The Bexar County Medical Examiner’s office told, Garcia died due to “blunt force injuries sustained in a motor vehicle mishap.”

2 individuals were travelling in an Altima and they both died on the scene.

The names of the individuals who were travelling in the Altima are 58-year-old Lloyd Halsell and 66-year-old Darlene Wilson; they both were residents of San Antonio.

All the individuals who died in the two-vehicle accident were residents of San Antonio area.

Source: www.news4sanantonio.com

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