Free Safety Courses For Motorcycle Riders in California

In 2017, the Department of Transportation stated that 3,194 motorcycle accidents were reported in California. Fortunately, this state is focused on reducing these numbers in the way of offering a motorcycle-safety program for free. From the 845,000 riders that are licensed, under 2% of these riders have received training from the motorcycle-safety program.

This is the reason as to why licensed motorcyclists are encouraged to participate in the free courses. Regardless of your current expertise, the CMSP (California Motorcycle Safety Program) provides various classes, that offers information of value that can save lives.

CMSP Course Types

The CMSP urges all motorcycle riders of any age to prepare in the way of taking one of these training courses. There are 3 courses on offer, which will depend on the riders current skills.

  1. The Basic Rider Course

For the new riders that are in the process of seeking their license, the CMSP provides a 5 day, 15-hour license course. These courses take place in classroom settings for 5 hours to discuss the basics, while the remaining 10 hours involves practical riding. This class is very helpful for the first-time riders as it offers a safe environment to develop better riding habits.

  1. The Basic Rider Course 2

These are courses for riders that are already experienced that hold a permit and own their own motorcycles. These courses take place in one day over a period of 6 hours. This is the ideal course for the riders interested in refreshing their overall safety habits.

  1. The Advanced Rider Course

This is a course for the expert riders that would like to enhance their safety skills in riding along with awareness. This is a course which was modeled after military training courses and offers class instruction over 3 hours and 4 hours that involve important riding-safety skills.

Students for each course must come to the courses with the necessary gear, dependent on which course they decide to take. The permit holders that under 18 years of age will be required to first complete the BRC course so that they can receive a motorcycle license.

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