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Before any lawsuit is filed, most of the insurance claim of the car accident is resolved. And those car accident cases which get filed, many of them are resolved before the trial starts with the settlement agreement. But there are many car accident cases that cannot settle for many reasons. Perhaps the defendant party denies that they caused the accident or sometimes it the compensation amount on which parties don’t agree upon. If this is the case then the case goes to trial. The rules that govern the trials differ from state to state but here are discussed some common trial procedures and concepts that are common in the majority of US states.

Selection of Jury

The key issues in the car accident cases are decided by the jury in most states. Usually, the jury is comprised of twelve persons or sometimes less than that. ‘Voir Dire’ is the first stage of the trial in which jury members are selected. A series of questions are asked to the potential jurors to determine if they have any prejudices or biases that might keep them away from being impartial and fair.

Opening Statements

After the jury selection, the opening statements are made by the parties. Usually, the attorney of the plaintiff goes first. The opening statement is like an opportunity for the attorneys of each party to set the stage and lay out their side of the case. Normally the opening statement lasts about fifteen minutes.

Presentation of Evidence by Attorneys

The attorney of the plaintiff presents their case after the opening statements. In evidence presentation, the plaintiff again goes first. The lawyers present evidence by calling the witnesses. Once the plaintiff’s lawyer finished presenting their witnesses to the jury to prove their side of the case now its defendants turn to call their witnesses and show evidence.

Closing Arguments

Following the presentation of evidence, the lawyers of each side give the closing argument. In this phase of the trial, each attorney talks about the evidence to the jury that was presented. This gives the opportunity to each attorney to influence the jury to draw conclusions from the presented evidence then extract the verdict in favor of a particular party.

Jury’s Deliberation

After the closing argument phase is finished, the jury then proceeds to the room other than the courtroom, where they have a discussion on the evidence and ultimately reaches the final verdict. In all states, the jury deliberation is confidential. No party is allowed to observe the deliberations. Usually, in car accident cases, it takes more than few hours to reach the verdict although there is no set limit. Sometimes this last for days.

When the Jury Reaches The Verdict

After reaching the verdict, jury notifies the judge that the discussions have been concluded. Then the judge brings the jury into the courtroom where the final verdict is read in front of parties and to make it an official court record. That party wins the case which comes up with strong evidence and witnesses and prepares well for the trial. Pacific Attorney Group have vast experience in dealing with car accident cases and guide their client throughout the whole trial.

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