Liability In An Uber Or Lyft Accident

“Uber” and “Lyft” have become increasingly popular due to their convenience and low fees for transport. Uber and Lyft are similar to a taxi, they are all common carriers, which is when people are transported from point A to point B for a cost. Common carriers are required to have a more heightened sense of care when carrying passengers. When an accident happens while riding in an Uber or Lyft vehicle, the driver being responsible is a given, but there has been an increasingly amount of cases that have surfaced, which have held the Uber and Lyft employers liable because it is the employer’s duty to make sure that the driver has had an extensive background check done, and to make sure that the passenger/s are getting into a vehicle with a safe driver.

These two rideshare companies have tried to avoid liability by saying that are not ‘really’ employers, but merely facilitators that pair a passenger with a driver according to the area that they are located in. It has been deemed that Uber and Lyft drivers do owe a duty to anyone who boards their vehicle, which was ruled by the California Public Utilities Commission. Uber and Lyft are becoming more in line with the requirements that taxi drivers have. Here are some requirements that will be strictly applied:

  • Frequent vehicle inspections
  • Vigorous background checks
  • Proof of liability insurance, and
  • Transparency that will show any driver suspensions or deactivations that they may have had

The cause of the uber car accident may have derived due to other reasons than because of the driver’s negligence. It could have been caused by another driver who was reckless while driving, and even unsafe or hazards on the road. The injured party needs find out what caused the accident, and according to their discovery, then make the claim against the appropriate party.

Filing a lawsuit Against the Employer and Driver

A plaintiff can file a lawsuit against the driver and company (Uber or Lyft), in accordance to a multitude of factors, some including:

  • Did the driver have the appropriate insurance coverage?
  • At the time of the accident, was the driver logged on the app?
  • Was there a previous history of careless, and or reckless driving?

Seeking A litigator after An Uber/Lyft Accident

A vehicle accident attorney can figure out who was at fault because they work alongside experts, and have significant experience in car accident matters. The attorneys at Percy Martinez Law firm have over two decades of dealing with vehicle accident claims. They have been able to successfully manage all types of vehicular accident cases with exceptional results.

Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft, emphasize how they would do the right thing in the event that an accident took place, but once it actually occurs, they quickly take the defensive stand. Learn about your rights and speak with an attorney today.

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