Multi-Vehicle Crash On I-10 In Chambers County Leaves More Than 30 People Injured

ANAHUAC – An accident occurred on Friday that involved 20 vehicles, including several big rigs, and left more than 30 individuals severely injured.

The location of the accident was I-10 near Anahuac and the time was around 5:40 p.m.

Heavy rain and poor visibility were believed by DPS officials to be the reason of the accident. They said that the individuals behind the wheel were not able to see what was ahead of them and when they pressed their brakes, they were rear-ended.

The collision occurred during the afternoon. All the main-lanes on Interstate 10 were shut down as the debris was cleared on Friday night. They were reopened after 9 p.m.

The incident involved 6 tractor trailers and 26 other vehicles. Luckily, no fatalities were reported. However, two medical helicopters were called to the scene as the accident resulted in serious injuries.

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