Officials In West Texas Probing How Girl Was Left In Car After Accident

An accident occurred on Monday in Odessa in which a 3-year-old girl was found in the damaged vehicle many hours after the accident.

The case is under investigation by officials in West Texas and they are making efforts to know if procedures were followed after the girl was found in the car.

According to a report by KOSA-TV, the girl was found by a tow truck driver after the vehicle was transferred to a wrecking yard. The girl was rushed to a hospital in Lubbock.

It is said by the girl’s family that she suffered brain bleeding due to which she is paralyzed partially.

The vehicle in which the little girl was travelling was involved in an accident after a man driving the vehicle rear-ended one vehicle and sideswiped another.

Ever Ortega of Oklahoma was charged with felony intoxication assault-bodily injury for the accident he caused.

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