Personal Injury Claims for Pharmaceuticals

To make a personal injury claim regarding prescription drug side effects, you need two things: Your own experiences and an experienced lawyer.

Most of us assume that our safety has been taken care of when we take prescription drugs, because they’ve all been approved by the FDA. In an ideal world, this would be the case. Unfortunately, drug companies have been known to take shortcuts when it comes to getting a drug approved. Sadly, drug companies have been known to put profits before people.

Harmful Drugs

To see the potential risks of approved drugs, you need only look at the sheer number of personal injury claims that are brought to court every year. Some are begun by individuals who have sustained injuries, others are sadly run by people whose relatives have died from taking prescription drugs.

The surprising fact is that many of us are taking a risk when we take prescription drugs. Sometimes it’s not at all obvious that the cause of injury or death is the result of an approved substance. However, if you feel that a drug contributed to a serious condition, you need to talk to a personal injury lawyer to discuss your options.

If you think you’ve been injured, or a close relative has died as a result of taking prescription medication, you must take action as soon as possible. Delay could mean that you are losing opportunities to claim your rights.

Get the Right Team

Don’t try to go it alone, find an experienced attorney in your area. If a personal injury lawyer agrees to take your case, your chances of success are far better. Often, the first step to making a successful personal injury claim is taking a look at the lists of dangerous prescription drugs that have already been the subject of litigation.

You may be able to benefit from a class action lawsuit, too. In this type of litigation, a group of people band together to receive compensation for similar damages done by the same drug.

Paying Attorney Fees

Attorney fees in pharmaceutical cases are the same as in any other personal injury case. The fees are based on a percentage of any amounts recovered and are contingent on your receiving a court, jury or arbitration award or a settlement. That means that you don’t need to worry about whether you can cover the expenses of litigation yourself.

When you’ve been hurt by a pharmaceutical that’s supposed to help you, that is an injustice that should be righted. Personal injury claims provide financial compensation for your loss of health and have another key function as well–they can alert drug manufacturers, regulators, doctors, and the public about the hazard that you discovered.

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