Protecting The Integrity Of Your Texas Auto Accident Claim

Being involved in a car accident in Texas means that you are going to have to deal with insurance adjusters and healthcare professionals. Healthcare professionals are generally reasonable and helpful people however, insurance adjusters are often out to undermine your injuries and delay or deny your claim. Insurance adjusters are routinely trained in tactics intended to lower or deny compensation.  That is the main reason that insurance adjusters try to get accident victims into settling their own claims without the assistance of legal counsel. This makes it difficult for injured people that are looking for just and reasonable compensation for their losses. Insurance adjusters often use the injured party’s lack of knowledge in handling an auto accident claim against themselves. Insurance adjusters often stoop to using ethically questionable methods to gain the upper hand in settlement negotiations.

In order to deny an adjuster the satisfaction of devaluing your claim and preserve your constitutional right to be compensated for your damages, here are some steps you can take after an accident to maximize the value of your auto accident claim:

Call The Police And Ask For A Police Report

It is important to call and inform the police regarding an auto accident no matter how minor the accident seems to be. Dispatch will send police officers who will assist you and summon medical assistance if required. The police will then investigate the site of the accident and issue a report.  This police record of your accident is vital to your auto accident claim because it establishes the facts. The lack of a police report in an auto accident claim can lead to disputes regarding liability. 

Document The Scene Of The Accident And Secure Evidence

Always gather and secure photographs, witness names and their contact information from the scene of an accident.  Cell phone cameras can be used to photograph vehicle positions, damage to the car, any skid marks and road conditions. On occasion, the police may take witness information and photographs, but such evidence may not make it into the police report. It is always best to secure this information yourself in order to preserve the integrity of your claim.

Seek Prompt And Comprehensive Medical Attention

It is highly important to immediately see a doctor or visit the hospital after being involved in an auto accident. Sometimes people feel that they have not been injured after an accident, however, pain from soft tissue injuries to the spine, muscles, joints, and ligaments or even internal injuries to organs manifest days or weeks after an accident. A doctor can help document your injuries and begin the necessary treatment setting you on the road to recovery.

Always Follow Doctor’s Recommendations & Keep All Medical Appointments

Missing a doctor’s appointment causes what’s called a “gap in care” which can significantly damage the credibility of your claim.  It is critical not to miss even a single doctor’s appointment without a valid documented excuse because the insurance adjuster will argue that your injuries were greatly exaggerated because you didn’t feel the need to keep your medical appointment. This may result in compensation being reduced or denied altogether.

Retain An Experienced And Qualified Attorney To Handle Your Claim

Retaining an experienced attorney such as San Antonio car accident lawyer helps you avoid any legal mistakes which can potentially weaken even the strongest car accident claims. A competent attorney is aware of the statute of limitations applying to your situation and ensures the case progresses within that timeline.  The attorney represents your interests in demanding the compensation that you rightfully deserve from the insurance company.

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