Single Vehicle Rollover Crash On Texas 6 Leaves Bryan Man Dead

The Texas Department of Public Safety told that Dedric Junginger, 38, was killed in a single vehicle rollover crash. The incident happened at about 1:40 p.m., almost a half-mile north of F.M. 2154 near Navasota.

The person behind the wheel of the car travelling northbound was identified as 19-year-old Makayla Cruz who was rushed to the College Station Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. Other than the driver, a 6-month-old passenger, Granger Donaldson, was also riding in the car when the accident happened but the baby didn’t sustain any injury.

The accident occurred when Cruz changed direction of her car to avoid striking debris present on the road but when she altered her direction again to get on the right path, the car started flipping, told DPS.

All 3 individuals riding in the car were wearing seatbelts.

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