Texas man charged for allegedly causing a car crash when having sex while driving

HOUSTON, Texas – A Houston man has been ticketed for allegedly causing a car crash while having sex on the roadway.

According to police reports, the driver initially told that he was picking up his “lady friend.” He said that moments later a man jumped into the back seat of his car as he had crashed into a truck and was afraid of being shot.

Sadly, witnesses tell a different story. One of the witnesses told that the driver and a woman were having sex in the car, moments before the crash took place.

The witness told that the driver was acting normally, but all of a sudden, he started acting really crazy and driving crazy. The woman tried to take the wheel and steer it, but they came to a red light where a truck was stopped, and they rammed into the back of it. “He got out the car, he started running around, rolling on the ground, hollering, ‘I didn’t do it! Justice!'” told the witness.

The witness told that the driver was not completely dresses. “He had a white shirt. A white undershirt with some boxers. That’s all he had on. No shoes. Nothing,” explained the witness, who also denied seeing a gunman. “Now that I think back on it, it’s really funny, but I hope all of those people are OK, though.”

According to reports, another witness described the woman as a prostitute wearing a wig. Apparently, she fled the scene on a bus before police arrived at the scene.

The incident took place at a busy Houston intersection at the end of the rush hour on Wednesday morning. The driver was ticketed for failure to control speed.

A total of three vehicles were involved in the accident.

Source: www.breitbart.com

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