Texas Teen And Aspiring Model Stevie Ray Hergert Killed In ATC Crash

On Saturday, 16-year-old Stevie Ray Hergert died in an all-terrain vehicle accident and the residents of a small east Texas town are in sorrow due to her death.

The accident happened while she was on a camping trip with her pal and after a few days, she was going to start attending her senior year of high school.

She left her loved ones in tears.

A report of KHOU-TV showed that Stevie died due to the flipping over of an ATV that she was driving and the accident happened when the motor vehicle got out of control. She was thrown out of the motor vehicle due to which she sustained life-threatening injuries including the injuries to the head; she died on the accident spot.

It was told by the Texas Public Safety Department that the incident happened around 3 a.m. The location of the accident was intersection of County Road 1114 and County Road 115.

Her family wants to get more information of what happened at the accident spot and they also want to know the reason.

“I went crazy screaming. I just hit the floor”, said her mother 52-year-old Carmell Hergert. She added, “She was an angel. She touched a lot of lives. The mothers of these kids and the dads of these kids have come by crying and donating money. Stevie was a clown and she had my daddy’s personality. She was just a joy to be around”.

It was told by her mother that 2 older boys were also riding in the ATV with her, they didn’t sustained serious injuries. She also told that Stevie was always careful about safety. “She never left the driveway without a seatbelt on. I’m not understanding of the situation because of how cautious she was”.

She likes to travel and she likes the pets, she want to be a model. He mother also told, “She said, ‘One day I’m gonna be a model and you’re gonna be in this little old house behind me. She said, ‘Don’t worry mama. I’m gonna take care of you”.

Her dreams of becoming a famous model were about to come true as a Hollywood modeling agency contacted her for an audition and they want her to work for them.

A call from the Daily News is not immediately returned by the Texas Public Safety Department for more information of the accident.

Investigators are still making struggles to know the reason and they are trying to know if the alcohol or any intoxication drug is the cause of the accident.

Her mother added, “Last thing I said to her was, ‘I love you baby.’ I said, ‘Y’all be careful. “She said, ‘I love you too mom.’”

According to her mother, she will not be able to do anything without the Carmell support she got from the community.

A GOFundMe account is set up by her old friend, Meagan Presswood and the money collected will be sued for her funeral. The amount required is $15,000 and the amount $5,000 is gathered till now.

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