The Cost of Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer to Handle Your Case

There are a wide variety of different types of car accident, but if you are a victim of an accident in which the other driver was on fault, a car accident lawyer could have a substantial impact of the amount you receive for your troubles.

Laws pertaining to car accident reimbursement are very different from laws governing other types of cases. Rather than paying a fee per hour, the person has to pay what is known as a contingency fee. You might be thinking, what does the term contingency fee mean? It is the fee that is paid to a lawyer by the person after recovering compensation for their accident. The percentage of the amount that is received by any jury verdict or settlements is different than what will be paid to lawyers involved in cases that continue the trial.

The Percentage Involved In Contingency

The car accident attorney fee depends upon the case that gets filed. Usually, the portion of the fee varies from 25 to 40 percent. The 1/3rd, or 33%, is a standard contingency fee charged by most auto accident law firms. If an accident victim recovers around 90 thousand dollars, the fee received by the attorney is usually about 30 thousand dollars.

The main point to keep in mind is that the fee varies depending upon the case. There are many conditions that shape the amount that is received by the plaintiff. If the case gets sorted out before going to the court, the fee is less than when it goes to trial.

When cases end up in court, the attorneys handling those cases are forced to pay far more than when the case is settled. This is why they charge more for going to court.

Anyone that is planning to hire a lawyer to help them with car accident compensation should ask their attorney what the contingency fee will be. Once you receive your retainer agreement, review it in its entirety and make sure that it is in keeping with what you agreed to with your lawyer.

It is up to you to decide the fee for the lawyer. If the case you are going to file is clear, the offending party has auto insurance for their vehicle, and there is evidence to support your claim that you were not at fault, then you may be able to negotiate a lesser fee. Most insurance companies do not take plaintiffs that refrain from hiring a lawyer to represent them seriously, and you may be forced to accept a settlement that is far less than what you would receive with a lawyer.

Total Expenses Involved When Hiring a Lawyer:

There are several things that the court may and may not hold you responsible for. These include paying expenses for the medical records, police reports, and fees for the court reported. At the very least, you are usually not responsible for paying up-front court fees.

If you state in your contract that you will pay the fees mentioned above, you will be responsible for paying them when a settlement or verdict is secured. The case will not finalize until you agree to the amount awarded to you.

Many big firms will charge you for any fees that arise during the course of your case. The amount gets deducted after the final hearing. If you have already decided to give the lawyer 30 percent and the lawyer added 10 percent for expenses, then you have to pay 40 percent of the total settlement or verdict that you receive. The additional fees will be required to cover expenses paid by the attorneys.

What you want to always keep in mind is that the lawyer is taking his fee from the total amount you receive, which is how most car accident cases work. Some firms try to obtain their fees first to raise their profit. You must tell them before that you will pay them from the net amount after the case is completed. If they disagree with you, then do not make a deal. It is more beneficial to get another lawyer for your filing.

Other fees

Some lawyers take an initial fee to start the case. They will charge an initial fee and then take the contingency fee at the end of the case. In such cases, you must keep a record of the charges you paid already. After the case is concluded, pay the remaining fee to the lawyer. For instance, you gave 5 percent of the amount in advance. The amount you will pay at the end of the case will be 25 percent of the total amount you get. (If the decided cost to pay was 30 percent).

There is no single service fee for most of the cases. When it comes to wrongful death cases ( there are less fees involved. Flat fee payment, in cases of car accident legal services, will rarely be imposed.

Is The Lawyer Involved in Filing Worth Retaining?

There is a universal rule stating that the more you get injured, the more you will have to pay your lawyer. If you are not seriously injured, then it is wise advice not to hire a lawyer. The better way is to sort out cases by yourself by sending a settlement demand without involving an attorney.

If you are injured seriously and hospitalized, then the cost of the case gets increased. In this case, you urgently need a lawyer before the insurance adjustor convinces you to settle for less than your case is worth.

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