The Infant Brachial Plexus In Jacksonville

A significant number of infants get affected from the brachial plexus injury every year as a result of negligence by the health care providers. This is no doubt a common birth injury which should be prevented. There is a group of nerves called brachial plexus, which are located around the shoulder. If these nerves get any sort of damage, then it may result in weakness of the arm or in severe cases may cause the loss of movement.

What are the Causes of Infant Brachial Plexus?

The infant brachial plexus should not be confused with the pseudoparalysis in which basically the infant is moving his arms. Unlike infant brachial plexus, the pseudoparalysis is due to the fracture in the arm. The principal causes of the infant brachial plexus are during the difficulty in delivery where the plexus nerves get ruptured or damaged. It may be caused by:

  • Stretching the shoulder of infant during head-first delivery
  • The passing of the shoulder through birth canal when the infant’s neck and head are pulled towards the side
  • Pressure on the raised arms of baby during feet first delivery (breech)

Types of Infant Brachial Plexus:

The infant brachial plexus is of many types. Some of the types of this injury are given as:

  • Neurapraxia – It is the least severe and most common type of injury which is characterized by tears or minor strain in the brachial plexus nerves.
  • Erb’s Palsy: It is also known as BPP and occurs when the nerves of infant’s upper arm get damaged and can be treated with medication, surgery, massage or physical therapy, depending on the severity.
  • Klumpke’s Palsy- It damages the lower part of the nerves and gives the claw-like appearance to affected arm’s hand.
  • Neuroma – It happens when scar tissue starts growing near and over the injury, imposing excessive pressure and stress on the injured nerve.

.What Factors are Responsible in Increasing Risk of Infant Brachial Plexus?

The infant brachial plexus is a serious medical condition which needs to be avoided. Prevention is possible if the key factors that are responsible for causing such drastic illness are controlled or masked properly. For this, it is necessary to have knowledge about the factors that risking the health of your infant and leading to this notorious birth injury.

  • Breech Delivery
  • Difficult delivery
  • Maternal Obesity
  • Underdeveloped muscles of the neck
  • Fetal Macrosomia
  • Maternal Diabetes

How To Prevent Infant Plexus Injury?

The infant Brachial Plexus can be controlled by using the improved delivery techniques so that the precious asset of one’s life, the newborn, can be saved from such harm.

The best way to avoid such medical condition is to prevent the difficulty delivery. Cesarean delivery is adopted to avoid the harsh and undesirable outcomes. Through the C-section, the risk of injury gets reduced. The negligence of using a birth assisting tool or the improper force and pressure applied can lead to the stretching or tear of the brachial plexus nerves.

Contractions may even cause this injury in a few instances. The contractions of a pregnant mother can apply stress on the shoulder of the infant, especially when the infant gets stuck in the birth canal due to prolonged labor.

The Infant Brachial Plexus and The Law:

The negligence of doctors, nurses and hospital administration may lead to such injury. If such malpractice negligence is prevented during labor then the infant can enjoy healthy life and the risk would be reduced amazingly. The punishment for such negligence is possible if possible by getting the guidance of Percy Martinez Lawyers who leave no stone unturned to bring the negligence causing parties to the court. Percy Martinez Law firm aims to fight for the victims in order to provide them compensation and justice. The personal injury attorney comprehends the nature of the case and the loss that could be prevented. Hence, the criminals are punished for their carelessness.

Value your life and make proper use of birth assistance tools when required. A little bit of care by the doctors and administration can reduce the number of such injuries in Jacksonville.

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