Three Houston Teenagers Dead In Spring Break Crash

According to investigators, 3 Houston teenagers died and 1 sustained life-threatening injuries in a South Texas traffic crash that happened when they were getting back home from spring break.

The accident occurred Sunday afternoon on Highway 77 near Corpus Christi. The motor vehicle went out of control and collided with an 18-wheeler.

On Monday, Sgt. Nathan Brandley confirmed that distracted driving by using a cell phone for GPS was the reason of the accident.

17-year-old Jade Robinson and her 19-year-old sister, Brianna Robinson, both died at the accident spot. 18-year-old Brittanie Johnson was rushed to the Corpus Christi hospital for treatment of injuries where he died.

18-year-old Shelby Coleman was behind the wheel of the motor vehicle who is hospitalized and still in serious condition.

The truck was not damaged in the accident.

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