Tips For Avoiding Injuries Caused By Dog Bites

A dog is a man’s best friend as the saying goes. Dogs are generally pretty good pets. They can be loving and caring however sometimes they may end up attacking someone. Dog bites or other animal attacks can cause serious and potentially fatal injuries to a person especially if the person is a minor. Dog bite victims generally are faced with high medical bills and lost wages. The liability on part of domestic animals depends on whether the animal’s owner knew if the animal had violent tendencies or a propensity for violence.

However, in some states a dog owner is deemed to be liable regardless of whether or not they knew of the dog’s dangerous nature. According to statistics, about 4.7 million Americans every year are victims of dog bites with half of them children between ages 5 and 9. In order to reduce the number of injuries that result from dog bites it is imperative that both adults and children be educated about responsible dog ownership and bite prevention techniques.

A key way to help avoid being bitten by a dog is to have some comprehension or understanding of the dog’s body language. It is important to be able to recognize the signs that dogs give to indicate that they’re feeling anxious, threatened or aggressive in any situation.

  • When a dog is aggressive it tries to make itself look bigger by tilting their ears upward and forward, the fur on its back may stand on end or puff out and its tail may straighten up. It adopts a stiff stance and starts moving towards and staring directly at what it perceives to be a threat. It may also growl, lunge or bark as a warning. Approaching a dog in such a situation is likely to result in a bite.
  • Scared or anxious dogs may try to make themselves look smaller shrinking to the ground in a crouching position, lowering its head, putting its tail between the legs and flattening its ears. It may avoid direct eye contact. If it tries to turn or slowly move away from a perceived threat, then there is the possibility that it may feel that there is no other alternative but to defensively bite someone in their way.
  • Dogs can be complex creatures as well and can portray a mixture of body postures indicating it feels conflicted. It’s important to realize that if a dog is wagging its tail it doesn’t always mean that the dog is feeling playful. It may be poised to strike on any perceived threat.
  • Most people fail to recognize the fact that any dog can regardless of its size, breed or demeanor bite anyone in their proximity. Even friendly, cute and easygoing dogs will bite if they are provoked. Even dogs that are familiar with you whether they are your own pet, a neighbor’s or a friend’s may bite you.

So it is paramount to exercise caution in being around and handling dogs especially for the children. A child should be educated to take appropriate way to behave around dogs. Some of the vital tips are:

  • Children should not approach a dog that is sleeping, eating, chewing on a bone, or caring for puppies.
  • Children should not approach a growling or scared dog.
  • Children should not pet unfamiliar dogs
  • Children should not try to pet dogs that are behind a fence or in a car.
  • Children should never approach a dog that is off its leash
  • Children should avoid eye contact with aggressive dogs

If you or God forbid, your child has been attacked by a dog it is vital to seek immediate medical care and contact an experienced Houston dog bite attorney to safeguard your rights and get you the compensation that you deserve.

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