When Oral Cancer Is Not Treated

There is an estimated of 50,000 people diagnosed with oral cancer every year, according to the American Cancer Society. Oral cancer can affect the gums, the tongue, and the tonsils; not just in one area. A medical malpractice claim can arise when medical professionals do not recognize the symptoms and warning signs of oral cancer and do absolutely nothing to treat it before it is too late.

The earlier cancer is diagnosed, the better the chances a cancer patient has to treat the condition, although being diagnosed with cancer can be a great impact in a person’s life. Oral cancer can be fatal if no action is taken in a timely manner. For any cancer, early detection is essential for boosting the odds of a patient to survive cancer. It is recommended to go to the dentist at least twice every year for a check-up. If the patient fails to do so, just missing one or two diagnoses can mean that the treatment for the cancer patient will take more than a year to commence.

What Are the Duties of A Dentist?

Many people do not like visiting the dentist, and the tales of people being afraid to do so seem to be true. Although it may be difficult for a person to visit a dentist, it is an essential aspect of maintaining their oral health. It is the same concept as it would be for a person who visits a physician for an annual check-up. Every medical professional, including a dentist, have a responsibility to abide by the duty of care by ensuring that they safeguard their patients from any deadly harms like cancer.

The annual check-ups performed by dentists include screenings for these types of deadly threats. The dentist is required to inform the patient of anything suspicious that they see from the patient’s results, recommend them to a specialist that can better assist them for treatment, or further examine the patient by scheduling more appointments.

Legal action in the form of a medical malpractice claim can be sought when a dentist fails to uphold their duty of care and their patients endure injuries as a result. In order to prove that there was a medical malpractice, the patient needs to show what relationship they had with the dentist if any, that the dentist did not treat the patient as they were supposed to by acting negligently, and that the dentist’s negligence was the direct cause of the patient’s injuries.

Medical Malpractice Oral Cancer Lawyers In Miami

Being injured through no fault of oneself can be a very confusing and hard time for an individual, especially with a such a deadly disease like cancer. Cancer is a disease that requires immediate action. The more a person is delayed in being treated, the fewer chances that have in surviving. The skilled medical malpractice legal practitioners at Percy Martinez Law Firm work every day to help those injured by another’s negligence reestablish some part of their life.

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