2 dead in experimental helicopter crash in North Texas

On Wednesday, 2 individuals died in a Bell 525 prototype helicopter crash. The incident happened outside the Bell Helicopter test facility in Arlington, Texas.

A statement released by the company stated:

“On 6th of July 2016, a Bell 525 was involved in an accident while conducting developmental flight test operations south of our Xworx facility in Arlington, Texas. Unfortunately, the accident resulted in a loss of 2 crew members. This is a devastating day for Bell Helicopter. We are deeply saddened by the loss of our teammates and have reached out to their families to offer our support. Bell Helicopter representatives are onsite to assess the situation and provide any assistance to local, state, and federal authorities”.

For the 1st time, the helicopter named “Bell 525 Relentless” was made public back in 2012. The medium-lift helicopter was manufactured with the fly-by-wire system and much focus was paid on its interior. Similar to other planes, the control is in the hands of the pilot who gives the input; the helicopter is not designed to get input through mechanical means.

It is not possible that the crash put an end to any potential aircraft, but the dangers that unveiled from the crash can make development of the aircrafts complex.

According to the Dallas Observer, “Crashes during development, even fatal ones, do not signal the end of aviation programs. Often times, they actually lead to significant improvements on designs. But they do cause delays and cost overruns, not to mention the morale of losing employees. In a tight market, other companies can take advantage of the impact on the development to offer their products to eager customers”.

We can only hope that the 2 individuals who died during the test gave their life for making the aircraft a safe means to travel by air for individuals who choose to travel in it.

News Source: www.popularmechanics.com

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