Elevator Injuries

elevator injuries

Countless people throughout the Houston area ride elevators in airports, malls, office buildings, apartment buildings and other locations on a daily basis. Most of these people assume that property owners and manufacturers have complied with all safety procedures and performed routine maintenance.

Unfortunately, some elevator companies/property owners are extremely negligent when it comes to maintaining elevator equipment. This negligence can lead to catastrophic injuries and even wrongful death. If you or a loved one has suffered an elevator injury, I will aggressively hold the at-fault parities fully accountable. The law firm of Stephen Boutros, LTD. has fought for the rights of accident victims in complex cases since 1997. Let me fight for you.

Attorney Stephen Boutros has successfully handled countless complex personal injury cases. He always prepares every personal injury and wrongful death case for trial. This is just one of many factors that make him so effective and so different. In fact, his record of success in the courtroom has earned him the respect of insurance defense lawyers throughout Texas. Contact the law firm to schedule a free initial consultation.

No Attorney Fees Unless I Recover Compensation for You

Stephen Boutros, invests significant time, energy and resources into elevator accident cases. For example, he carefully reviews contracts between property owners and elevator maintenance companies to understand the type of maintenance that was supposed to be performed. Property owners often contract out the maintenance of their elevators, but Mr. Boutros will take great care to identify all at-fault parties — including the property owner, property management company or elevator company.

Attorney Boutros will also review the reports of annual inspections and repairs to determine if the property owner or maintenance company failed to conduct the necessary inspection. If design negligence is implicated, he will work closely with elevator accident experts to carefully investigate how and why the machinery failed. If necessary, he will seek to hold the manufacturer accountable.

No matter the circumstances, the law firm’s detailed, hands-on approach frequently allows me to recover full and fair compensation for serious elevator injuries, including fractures, broken bones, back/neck injuries and traumatic brain injuries.

Pursuing Maximum Compensation for Elevator Injuries

I seek maximum compensation to cover future medical treatment, hospital bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical equipment. If you tragically lost a loved one in an elevator accident, I will seek compensation for your loss of companionship, loss of future income, funeral expenses and any medical bills associated with the accident.

Please note, I also protect workers for those who have suffered elevator injuries.

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