Differences Between Motorcycle Accident Cases and Car Accident Cases

Interviewer: What would you say are some of the most fundamental differences between motorcycle accident cases and regular vehicle car accident cases?

Stephen Boutros: I would say first and foremost would be the significance of the injuries. The injuries in motorcycle cases are much much worse, for the reasons, the obvious reasons we discussed earlier. On a motorcycle your body has no exterior protection, and motorcycle accidents happen with more frequency because other drivers on the road aren’t looking out for motorcycles even though it is their legal duty to do so.

Insurance Companies Vehemently Defend Themselves in Motorcycle Accident Cases

Interviewer: What are the differences in how the cases are going to be handled?

Stephen Boutros: The main difference in how they’re handled is kind of like what we discussed earlier, and that is a lawyer must be proactive in preparing their clients for the attacks that are coming in a motorcycle case. The attacks from the insurance defense lawyers who know that a significant percentage of the public is prejudice against motorcycle drivers. Is going to try to use that to their advantage, and understanding that you have to prepare your clients ahead of time before their deposition and before trial. So that they answer those questions in a truthful and accurate way that doesn’t damage their case.

Accurate Medical Records are of the Utmost Importance in a Motorcycle Accident Case

Interviewer: What are some things that you would recommend I start doing after I’ve been hospitalized due to a motorcycle accident? Should I start keeping a journal maybe?

Stephen Boutros: I think more important than journals is that when our clients go into see their health care providers we ask them to very accurately and conscientiously describe all the symptoms that they’ve experienced, and how the injuries are affecting their life. If they need to keep a journal to remember those things then that’s important, but the medical records are what really become important. Clients have to be conscientious and accurate and thorough in describing their symptoms to their health care providers, and describing how their injuries are affecting their life. For example if they’re missing work or not sleeping or something of that nature.

Pictures Are a Critical Piece of Evidence in All Personal Injury Cases

Interviewer: What about pictures?

Stephen Boutros: Pictures are critical in all cases not just motorcycle cases. There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.It couldn’t be truer. A lot of times in a car wreck case juries will hear testimony for a day or so about how an accident happened, and all they want to see is the police report and the photographs of the cars, so that they can make their determination based on that.

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