Slip And Fall FAQs

How Do I Know If a Slip and Fall Case is Worth Pursuing?

Any time that you have sustained an injury due to the fault of a business owner or premises owner or due to some sort of hidden defect on private property. If you’re in a store and you sustain an injury as a result of an unreasonably dangerous condition that the business owner either knew or should have known about, then you have a case. If it’s on private property, it has to be an unreasonably dangerous condition that the private property owner actually knew about but didn’t fairly warn you about.

If You Slipped and Fell at a Large Chain, Don’t Let that Intimidate You.

A large chain is still subject to the same laws as anyone else, but you need a lawyer to help develop the case. You should take photographs of what caused you to fall and get the names and contact information for all the witnesses in the area. I’ve handled claims against all of the largest grocery and warehouse retail stores.

How Much is An Attorney Going to Cost for a Slip and Fall Case?

I work on a pure contingency fee basis, meaning if there is no recovery, there is no fee, unless the client wins, which means, if I don’t win the case for the client, they don’t owe me anything at all.

I May Not Be Able to Walk or Work the Same Way, How Will I Get Compensated?

You have to get compensation from the insurance company for the liable party, based on premises liability, whether it is the owner of the property, or the management company that’s responsible for keeping that premises safe. There are laws in place and we’ve been successful on hundreds of cases. These cases can happen to anyone, not just old people; anyone can be injured from an unreasonably dangerous condition on the premises, and pursuing the case when the client reaches maximum medical improvement and is absolutely worth it.

What Should I Not Do After a Slip and Fall Situation?

Don’t talk to an insurance company and don’t sign an incident report in which the manager wrote down what happened because they’ll often write it down in a way that absolves them from fault.

Another thing to never do is to post anything on social media at any time while the case is under way, because the insurance companies will take that information, even if you think it has nothing to do with your case, and use it against you. If you look like you had a nice day at the beach with your family, they’ll try to claim you couldn’t have been hurting too badly if you could spend the day at the beach with the family. You should never, ever, on a personal injury, dog bite, automobile, premises liability, or any case; you should never post anything on social media about it.

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