Firm Overview

Firm Overview

Harris County Personal Injury Attorney

No one plans to get into a car accident or suffer an injury on the job, but many of us will at some time in our lives. At the law firm of Stephen Boutros, LTD., I believe that people injured in accidents deserve vigorous representation to help recover full damages for medical bills, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and punitive damages. With extensive experience in the area of personal injury litigation, I am ready to protect your rights.

The majority of my personal injury and wrongful death cases settle without going to trial. However, when an insurance company does not make a fair settlement offer, I will fight hard for you in court. My law firm is more than just litigator. My record of success in the courtroom means that client receives fair consideration at the negotiating table as well.

Free Consultation About Your Personal Injury

When an accident happens to you or someone in your family, you can trust my firm to give you aggressive and effective legal representation. I regularly work with medical experts, accident investigators, safety consultants, toxicologists, design engineers and other professionals when building the clients’ casess. I have the resources needed to establish a balance of power in the courtroom and challenge expert witnesses testifying on behalf of insurers.

No Attorney Fees Unless I Recover for Your Claim

Mr. Boutros has had the honor of teaching other trial lawyers at continuing legal education seminars pertaining to personal injury litigation. He is committed to maintaining an excellent reputation for personal integrity and a commitment to the community.

Prepared to Address Technical Issues in Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases are often complex and require a special understanding of deadlines and legal motions that must be adhered to. If your attorney does not have the experience to know how to successfully pursue a claim on your behalf, you may forever lose your right to recover fair compensation. 

Stephen Boutros has dedicated over 27 years to advocating for the rights of victims. He focuses on aggressively seeking justice and ensuring that victims of personal injury receive the fullest possible compensation for their injuries and suffering.

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