Day Care Injuries

day care injuriesYou have the right to expect that your child’s safety is the ultimate priority at any day care center. Children generally do not have the mental or physical ability to protect themselves. As a result, day care operators must prudently inspect their facilities for any potential dangers. When they fail to protect children and serious injuries occur, they must be held fully accountable.

At the law firm of Stephen Boutros, LTD., I work with investigators to expose negligence and determine how a serious day care accident occurred. When a child suffers severe day care injuries, this is a serious breach of trust. I will fight hard to protect your child and help your family obtain full and fair compensation.

If your child has sustained serious day care injuries, call to schedule a free initial consultation with attorney Stephen Boutros. He has extensive experience handling these complex, emotionally sensitive cases. He will fight to secure punitive damages — if the day care facility acted with gross negligence or malice.

No Attorney Fees Unless I Recover Compensation for You

Stephen Boutros, prepares every case for trial. To that end, he carefully investigates abuse and neglect allegations, involving;

  • Injuries from other children
  • Hazardous or unsafe play areas
  • Negligent supervision leading to children choking
  • Untrained staff making tragic mistakes involving asphyxiation
  • Injuries from defective and dangerous toys
  • Swimming pool accidents/drownings
  • Falls

Please note, I also hold day cares accountable for overworking staff which can lead to tragic wrongful death cases.

Day Care Injuries and The Cost of Negligence

I consult medical economists and lifecare planners to determine the financial impact of a day care injury. I take into consideration the cost of future medical treatment, medical equipment, pain and suffering, and physical therapy costs.

Attorney Boutros understands how premises liability applies to the supervision and management of child care centers. He will thoroughly investigate your case, including the day care’s staff policies and history. By applying his trial experience and knowledge of day care regulations and case law, he is prepared to show the day care was negligent in their policies or supervision.

Protecting Children with Day Care Injuries

I am proud of my successful record of protecting children injured while at day care. However, I am not a personal injury “mill” that handles every case that comes through. I accept only a limited number of serious injury cases from clients who have no alternative but to hold negligent parities accountable for the serious harm they have caused.

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