Common Misconceptions about Dog Bites

Interviewer: I noticed when I see dogs biting or just playing, they instinctually know to go for each other’s necks. What are some common misconceptions that people have about dog attacks or dog bites?

Seek Proper Medical Care: You Should Treat a Wound from a Dog Bite

Stephen Boutros: A lot of people think that when they’re bit by a dog, they’re going to get rabies, and as long as they treat with antibiotics, they’re generally not going to get any types of infections. And if you do get an infection, unless the dog was sick, it’s not going to come from the dog’s mouth.

It’s going to come from another source, like not properly cleaning the wound. When scar revision is necessary, that happens after the scar has fully healed and matured. It’s not like you’re going to go and get it fixed tomorrow. Doctors, such as plastic surgeons, generally want to wait until the scar’s fully healed or matured before they revise it.

Some Scarring May Be Permanent

Even with scar revision, it’s not magic. Medical treatment can make scars a lot better, much less visible, but if you’ve been attacked and there’s scar tissue, there’s always going to be some remnant of it remaining. They don’t erase the scars, they just improve it aesthetically. Significantly, but it’s always going to be there to some extent.

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