The Sequence of Events after Being Involved in a Motorcycle Accident

Interviewer: What usually happens after someone’s been in a motorcycle accident, get sent to the hospital, and then contacted you?

Stephen Boutros: The first thing that we’re going to do is the first things that we do in all cases, is that we’re going to secure quality health care from quality health care providers in the area. We’re able to send, with the relationships we’ve formed over the last eighteen years, we’re able to send our clients to get whatever health care their injuries necessitate. That’s the first thing, obviously from that point we develop a damage model, and then we prosecute a liability claim against the negligent driver. Usually under insured motorist claims against our client’s own insurance. It’s real important that motorcycle drivers when they’re taking that out, insurance, always always get what’s called uninsured motorist coverage.

That’s if a negligent driver hits you that doesn’t have insurance, then you can make that claim against your own insurance, that’s uninsured motorist. There’s also under insured motorist, that’s if a negligent driver hits you, and doesn’t have enough insurance coverage to pay for the damages that they caused you. Then we make an under insured motorist claim. There’s also something called personal injury protection coverage which all motorcycle riders should have. That’s coverage from your own insurance that helps pay for medical bills.

Interviewer: I see.

Stephen Boutros: All drivers should have those coverage’s, but with motorcycles it’s especially important.

There is a Huge Mental Anguish Associated with Motorcycle accidents

Interviewer: How do your clients usually feel emotionally after a motorcycle accident?

Stephen Boutros: People who are in motorcycle accidents usually become very fearful of riding motorcycles. Even if the accident occurred or the crash occurred through no fault of their own, because they realize afterwards the reality of the situation. That is other drivers despite having a legal duty often don’t see or don’t look for motorcycles, and the injuries that result from those accidents are severe. A lot of times there’s a huge mental anguish claim associated with motorcycle accidents, and you often see motorcycle riders give up the motorcycles after a severe accident.

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