What Factors May Cause My Auto Collision Case To Go To Litigation?

Liability disputes and low damage evaluations require us to file a suit virtually immediately. Insurance companies lowball claims by saying that medical care was not necessary or that the person was not injured, or that they had a preexisting condition.

How Long Should Someone Wait To Seek Medical Attention After An Auto Accident?

The longer you wait to get medical attention after a collision, the more likely the insurance company denies your injury claim. They will say that if you were truly hurt from this crash, you would have sought care earlier. We recommend people get medical attention immediately. It is critical, if you are going to make a claim, to go as soon as possible and document all your symptoms.

We have relationships with very high-quality medical care providers, who will treat our clients on the letter of guarantee that we will pay their bills when we resolve the claim. A lot of times, people do not want to use their own health insurance because they think that the insurance for the responsible party should have to pay for their bills. Being able to secure quality healthcare for our clients is one of the greatest services that we provide.

Why Is It Important To Follow Doctor’s Orders For My Auto Collision Claim?

When you do not follow your doctor’s instructions, the insurance companies interpret that as that you were not really hurt or you are exaggerating your injuries, because you did not take the medical recommendations made by your treating physician. Sometimes, people will try to put off the necessary treatment and create gaps in care because they have work responsibilities or family responsibilities. The insurance companies will always use those gaps to say that you were not really hurt or you were not hurt severely enough. If there is a long enough gap, they will say something else must have happened that sent you back to the doctor for treatment.

Why Does Someone Even Need An Attorney After They Have Been In A Collision?

Insurance companies, despite the billions of dollars they spend on advertisement, are not looking to do the right thing; they are looking to save money. A claimant without a lawyer is someone who is subject to being bullied by the insurance company and told inaccurate things about the law and their rights. When an insurance company is dealing with an attorney, they are dealing with someone who knows what their client’s rights are. If something is not done fairly, the attorney can file a suit immediately.

How Long Does It Take Before I Actually Receive The Funds After A Settlement Is Reached?

Once we agree on a settlement, there is a process of settling liens, subrogation claims, and medical bills. Once we have all those items resolved, then we send payment instructions to the insurance company. We will usually have the check within 14 days.

What Sets You And Your Firm Apart In Handling Auto Collision Cases?

I am board-certified in personal injury trial law. Only an extremely small percentage of lawyers who call themselves personal injury lawyers are board-certified. We have been trying cases for 21 years, so the insurance companies know us. They fear us and they respect us. That shows in the results we obtain for our clients. We care about our clients and their families.

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