Common Scenarios Resulting in Motorcycle Accidents

Interviewer: What’s the common scenario that occurs when someone is injured in a motorcycle accident?

Stephen Boutros: Motorcycle accidents always involve much more severe injuries obviously than if someone was in a car, because the nature of the accident that we were talking about earlier. If you’re on a motorcycle, you’re in an accident your body … If you’re traveling thirty miles an hour, and someone cuts in front of you, fails to yield the right of way, you’re going to hit that car. If your body doesn’t strike the car, your body’s going to go flying, and then you can hit telephone poles. The other thing that we see with motorcycle accidents is a lot of scathing, road rash things of that nature. In Houston it’s hot, people aren’t always wearing leather jackets and things of that nature, so when you hit the pavement you’re going to lose skin, you’re going to lose tissue.

Motorcycle Accidents May Cause Permanent Physical Disfigurement

It’s going to be a situation where you’re going to be left with permanent physical disfigurement. Another thing I was going to tell you about is motorcycle driving on highways there are safety protocols that motorcycle drivers should utilize. For example, motorcycle drivers will never ride side by side okay? They ride in a zigzag formation so that if one needs to change, to move over to the left to right quickly the motorcycle rider next to them won’t be there. They’ll be behind them or in front of them. Does that make sense?

Interviewer: Do Motorcycle Accidents occur mostly at night?

Stephen Boutros: Well, I wouldn’t say that there’s a big difference between nighttime and daytime. Obviously at night then other drivers have the advantage of headlights, lights in the dark which are sometimes more easily identifiable than a motorcycle in daylight. I wouldn’t say that there’s a big difference between day and night.

Injuries Caused Due to Motorcycle Accidents Are Mostly Severe, Debilitating and Possibly Fatal

Interviewer: What other sorts of injuries have you seen over the years?

Stephen Boutros: I’ve seen horrible injuries. I’ve seen leg amputations. I’ve seen deaths. I represented a young man who was on a motorcycle, and a drunk driver was pulling out of a parking lot at Casa Ole, and failed to yield the right of way to this young man. When his motorcycle hit that vehicle he went through the driver’s side window, and died in the lap of the drunk driver who had failed to yield the right of way to him. Again, I’ve seen someone T-bone a motorcycle, and the fractures to the leg were so horrible that the leg had to be amputated. The injuries with motorcycle accidents are almost always catastrophic. I recently represented a young man riding his motorcycle to work at 4:30 in the morning. Was stopped at a red light, was rear ended and his back was broken, and that driver that hit him fled the scene.Left him there in a ditch with a broken back.

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