Is the Public’s Perception about Personal Injury Law Ill Advised?

Interviewer: What other factors have you seen that you know are skewing the public’s perception about personal injury cases?

Stephen: Like I said, they have insurance companies and the Chambers of Commerce and other organizations, such as the Citizens against Lawsuit Abuse. These are just fronts for corporate America. Corporate America places profits over people and they don’t want to be held accountable.

When they break safety rules that are put in place to protect people and society, whether on the job or on the roads or in businesses, they are in violation and should be accountable. It’s expensive for these people to follow the rules and it’s expensive for these people to pay for the damage they cause when they break the rules.

With corporate America, one way they lessen the damages is the money that they spend on by propaganda campaigns and to desensitize people from realizing they actually have a need for a personal injury attorney.

How Are Accidents Involving Commercial Vehicles Different from Accidents Involving Automobiles?

Interviewer: Do you see many accidents attributed to other vehicles besides cars?

Stephen: Yes, motorcycles in particular and that’s a whole different category just like it is on my current website. When you get into accidents with car versus car or truck versus car, that is private motorists and that’s just people breaking the driving safety rules.

Commercial vehicles: eighteen-wheelers, flatbeds, vans are a different scenario. These people are out on the road and them being on the road is tied into them making money. The details of accidents with commercial vehicles makes you not want your family to ever drive on the road.

Large Cargo-Carrying Commercial Vehicles Can become Dangerous Weaponry on the Roads

There are truckers that take drugs so that they can stay up longer and drive more, not taking the time to rest the proper amount. They turn their vehicles, which are larger vehicles carrying cargo, into heavy weaponry on the roadways. They are not properly controlled vehicles.

Houston is the largest port in the south. There are many pieces of cargo that move in and out of Houston. We’re the fourth biggest city by population in the country and the biggest city in the country by land size.

Commercial Vehicles are Capable of Inflicting Catastrophic Damage

Interviewer: Do you see a lot of commercial driver accidents and injuries where you are?

Stephen: Yes, many of them and they’re just terrible, because like I said they’re larger vehicles, heavy vehicles capable of doing catastrophic damage. Then you add in the element of these people being paid to be out on the road and the shortcuts that they take so that they can drive more so that they can make more money. Those shortcuts usually cause them to be more dangerous drivers. The end of the formula is disaster for people and results in destroyed lives.

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