What Types of Injuries Are Sustained in a Dog Attack?

Interviewer: What are some of the injuries that occur in a dog attack?

Stephen Boutros: Lots of legs, hands and arm injuries. What happens is people put their hands out to defend themselves and the dog will latch on.  The worst injuries are to faces and that’s what happens typically to children.

Half of All Dog Bite Cases Involve Children

Half of the dog bite cases and dog attack cases involve children. Children are small and they get on eye level with these dogs. Again, you look at some vicious dogs the wrong way that can be a triggering event.

But children don’t have the ability, cognitively, to think that way. A lot of times children will go face to face with dogs. Or, again, get in close to the dog. Bites can occur to children on the neck, the face, I mean they’re vicious.

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