Dram Shop Liability Cases

Over-Serving of Alcohol in Harris County

dram shop liability casesDrunk people cannot be relied upon to make smart decisions, so when there has been a drunk driving accident, the drunk driver may not be the only person whose negligent actions are in question. If the drunk driver came from a bar or restaurant where he or she was knowingly over-served alcohol, you may have a claim against the establishment that over-served him or her as well.

Law firm of Stephen Boutros, LTD., personal injury lawyer is dedicated to protecting the rights of drunk driving car accident victims. Dedicated to making sure our clients obtain the full money damages they deserve for their injuries, I  will pursue all possible avenues of compensation. In drunk driving accident cases, you have to look beyond the negligent driver and figure out how he or she ended up on the road.

You would never let a friend get behind the wheel after too many drinks. Bars and restaurants have a legal responsibility to make sure they do not serve too many drinks to their patrons, especially when they know they will be on the road. Contact my Houston office or call me at (713) 425-4300 to find out how you can protect your rights.

Houston Attorney for Dram Shop Liability Cases

Many insurance companies are hesitant to pay out full claims for injuries when an accident involves a drunk driver. And taking a claim against an individual is limited based on how much that individual can pay.

In addition to having extensive experience taking on insurance companies in drunk driver accidents, my firm has an in-depth understanding of dram shop liability claims. Working with outside experts, I will conduct an in-depth investigation into your accident to determine whether or not a bar, restaurant or third party can be held responsible for damages after over-serving a drunk driver.

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People can be over-served alcohol anywhere. All it takes is one negligent waiter or a bartender who is not paying attention. And when businesses over-serve their customers in order to make a few extra dollars, they are putting a lot of people at risk. I handle dram shop liability claims against a number of third parties, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Private parties

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