Types Of Day Care Injuries

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kinds of day care injuriesDay care facilities are licensed and inspected by the state of Texas. As a result, day care providers are expected to adhere to regulations and safety requirements that are intended to protect the children entrusted to their care. When negligence on the part of day care providers results in serious injury or death, they can be held financially liable for medical costs and a family’s pain and suffering.

At the law office of Stephen Boutros, I work with safety experts, toxicologists, day care inspectors, private investigators, child psychologists, and medical professionals in exposing negligence on the part of day care providers. I uncover misconduct and general malfeasance that results in injuries to children and a dangerous environment that is not in compliance with Texas day care regulations.

If your child has been seriously injured or suffered a wrongful death due to negligence on the part of a day care provider, contact day care injury attorney Stephen Boutros today and schedule an appointment to discuss your case.

Day Care Injuries, Negligence, and Wrongful Death

The law office of Stephen Boutros represents parents whose children have been injured in day care due to the following:

  • Electrocution
  • Poisoning
  • Falling
  • Counselor abuse
  • Fire
  • Defective toys
  • Lack of supervision
  • Loss of an eye
  • Failure to provide medical attention
  • Struck by a vehicle
  • Falling down stairs
  • Choking on food

Assigning Negligence and Liability

My office works with investigators in determining what happened and why. I interview staff, review work schedules, inspect the accident scene, and collect any available physical evidence. Since it’s not uncommon for a negligent day care provider to offer excuses in an attempt to avoid blame, I look for violations of codes and regulations that play a role in accidents. If staffing is an issue, my office investigates the background of day care workers to determine if proper background checks were conducted.

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Any injury to a child in a day care facility should be investigated. If your child has been injured in a day care or was involved in a fatal day care accident, contact the law office of Stephen Boutros today and schedule an appointment to discuss your case.

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