Property Damage / Diminished Value Claims

property damage diminished valueIf your vehicle was damaged in a motor vehicle accident as a result of another’s negligence, you are entitled to have your vehicle repaired, to be reimbursed for the loss of use while your vehicle is being repaired, and for the diminished value to your vehicle even after being fully repaired. If your vehicle was determined to be a total loss, then you are entitled to the fair market value of your vehicle immediately prior to the collision. Unfortunately, some insurance companies seem to make property damage issues and disputes part of their regular business practices. Whether it is placing a high burden of proof on the accident victim, or delaying payments without justification, bad faith insurance practices can become frustrating and cost the accident victim money. Delays and practices that result in property damage issues can violate Texas law.

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My office Stephen Boutros, LTD., is ready to help you resolve any property damage issues and disputes you may have with the insurance company. I am experienced trial litigator who has the skill to go head-to-head with the most aggressive insurance adjusters at the largest insurance companies. I will take over every part of your insurance claim so you can return to your normal life. I investigate the reasons for the property damage issue and determine whether the insurance company has a history of bad faith insurance practices. I prepare every case to win in a jury trial, and I have an excellent courtroom record to back up the case.

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If you are experiencing problems collecting on a legitimate property damage claim for your car, boat, home, or business, let me help. There is no good reason for an insurance company to cause unnecessary delays in paying on a legitimate claim. Contact my office in Houston, Texas, to schedule a consultation. I will fight to win you maximum justice.

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