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eye injuries blindnessThere is often very little you can do to return to full health after an eye injury. Whether you have suffered an injury to one eye or both eyes, the person responsible for your accident should be held accountable, so you have access to the full money damages you deserve.

The Law Firm of Stephen Boutros, LTD., Houston eye injury attorney is dedicated to protecting the rights of all personal injury victims. As an experienced trial lawyer, I understand what I have to do to build a case that protects the rights of clients and demonstrates to the court the full impact of a catastrophic eye injury.

You do not need a lawyer to tell you that temporary blindness or the permanent loss of sight will drastically alter your life forever. But you may want a lawyer to help you understand your full range of rights and options, so you can properly address your immediate and long-term concerns. Contact myHouston law office today at (713) 425-4300 to schedule a free initial consultation and learn more.

You Do Not Pay Attorney Fees Unless I Recover Compensation for You

When you go blind in an accident, there is always the hope that you may get your sight back. And while this is possible for some eye injury victims, most people have to prepare for a life without vision. When facing such an enormous challenge, it is important to make sure you have access to proper medical care. I work with medical experts across Texas who can help you during this difficult time.

As your attorney, it is my job to make sure you receive proper compensation for the full impact of your injury. That includes medical bills, lost wages, physical pain, disfigurement and lost opportunity. I will make sure the court understands the challenges you face.

Protecting the Rights of the Victims of Blindness

Whether you have suffered serious and permanent eye damage or you have lost an eye, I will conduct a thorough investigation into your accident in order to determine liability. From workplace accidents involving dangerous chemicals to car accidents, my firm handles a wide range of accidents that result in eye injuries, including:

  • Car accidents
  • Explosions
  • Laser accidents
  • Fireworks
  • Chemical accidents

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Do not wait to protect your rights and to get proper medical treatment after your eye injury. Offering a 24-hour answering service and flexible appointment schedule, I am ready to help you during this difficult time. Contact me at my Houston office today to schedule a free, initial, no-hassle consultation.

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