Things to Look For When Retaining an Attorney For Motorcycle Accidents Cases

Interviewer: What are some things that I should be looking for in an attorney? At the same time what are some red flags when it comes to a motorcycle injury?

Stephen Boutros: Well you shouldn’t ever hire a lawyer who’s not board certified in personal injury trial law, I can tell you that immediately. If you’ve been injured in an accident then you need a legal specialist. If you have a fractured hip from a car crash, you’re not going to go to an ear nose and throat doctor; you’re going to go to an orthopedic that specializes in hips. The same applies to personal injury cases specifically. If you have a personal injury case you need to go to a specialist, a board certified personal injury trial lawyer, like me Stephen Boutros LTD.

Accident or Personal Injury Cases Are Mostly Handled on a Contingency Fee Basis

Interviewer: How does an attorney typically get paid with a motorcycle injury?

Stephen Boutros: All of my cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. Meaning that if I don’t recover for the clients there is no fee to the client. So if there’s no recovery there is no fee. That goes for the expenses as well. I front the expenses on cases for filing lawsuits, and collecting medical records, and taking depositions, and hiring experts. Those expenses are my risk just like my time is. Basically unless there’s a recovery on the case there’s no fee to the client, and there’s no expenses to the client.

Notable Motorcycle Accident Cases

Interviewer: Can you talk about maybe a case or two in that you could discuss what happened in the situation and how the case was resolved?

Stephen Boutros: I told you a little earlier about the case of the young man on the motorcycle who was hit by the intoxicated girl pulling out from Casa Ole parking lot, and tragically that resulted in the death of the young man.

Actually, I was able to get the case settled after commencing a jury trial. I had to go all the way through litigation, where I  took depositions, experts and actually had to start the jury trial. Once I started the trial the defense attorney realized that I was very well prepared, and I was going to be victorious. Then they settled the case.

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