How Does an Attorney Attain the Accreditation of a Board Certified Injury Trial Lawyer?

Interviewer: What does it mean to be board certified as a trial injury lawyer?

Only 2 Percent of Personal Injury Attorneys in Texas Are Board Certified

Stephen: Only two percent of lawyers who call themselves personal injury lawyers are board certified by the State Bar of Texas. What that means is that you’ve practiced exclusively, or almost exclusively, in one area that you’ve tried a certain number of jury trials, and that you’ve been recommended by your peers: defense counsel, judges and colleagues.

Most importantly, you’d have to pass a written test, given by the State Bar of Texas in Austin. It’s a very low passage rate, I think it’s only twenty five percent and it’s a very intensive examination on whether you’re truly specialized in the details of personal injury trial law: both substantive law and procedure.

Is This Certification Important When You Are Considering Retaining a Personal Injury Attorney?

Interviewer: For someone searching for an attorney in this area, that’s a good indicator that you’re dealing with someone that has really focused experience and that they might be a good choice to hire, is that right?

Stephen: Yes, that is right. You know that when you hire a board certified injury trial lawyer, you’re actually hiring a specialist in the area and you will have the benefit of his experience and success. If you went to a doctor, if he had a specialty, for example, if you had a cardiology problem, you wouldn’t go to a general practitioner or a dermatologist. You’d want to go to a cardiologist, a specialist in the area of medicine for your particular issue.

Interviewer: What enticed you to focus only on personal injury cases?

Stephen: I come from a family of doctors and so I’ve always been interested in the law but also the medical side of the law. That’s one part of it. The bigger part is that from a very young age, I’ve been the type of person that always wants to fight for the underdogs. Even as a child, that’s just how God made me. I always want to fight for underdogs and those who can’t fight for themselves.

Personal Injury Lawyers Protect the Public by Holding Corporations Responsible When Their Decisions Harm Individuals

As a lawyer, I speak for those who can’t speak for themselves or have no voice. I think I’m glad we live in a country with a successful economy and that’s important, but corporations are driven by the dollar. The bottom line determines how they make all decisions, because that’s the basis. A lot of times corporations can make very evil decisions, placing priority on money over people, profits over people. If you don’t have personal injury trial lawyers to hold them accountable, then our world gets very, very dangerous.

Personal Injury Attorneys’ Practices Are Typically Comprised of Auto Accident, Premises Liability and Non-Subscriber Cases  

Interviewer: What are the major areas of personal injury you handle and don’t handle?

Stephen: The vast majority of our cases are car accidents, truck accident cases. I also handle premises liability cases and I handle non-subscriber, on the job injury cases. That means in Texas, if you get hurt on the job and you’re hurt by anyone or any person other than your employer, you can sue that person.

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