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premises liabilityOwners of private property have a legal responsibility to ensure that adequate safety measures are in place to prevent accidents to people on the property. This includes property being used for business purposes, employees, guests and visitors. Premises liability means that a property owner is responsible for compensating people who are injured because of negligence or misconduct on the property. If a jury determines that the owner is guilty of gross negligence, significant punitive damages may be added to compensatory damages for medical treatment, lost earnings, emotional distress, and pain. Premises liability lawsuits help ensure that property owners recognize their liability and responsibility to protect public safety.

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If you have been injured while using or visiting another’s property, the personal injury law firm of Stephen Boutros, LTD., is ready to help you fight for the compensation to which you may be entitled. Often, owners of business and private property have a strong team of insurance defense lawyers ready to blame the victim and deny liability. I have a successful record of winning large settlements and jury verdicts against some of the largest insurance companies in the world.

Falling Merchandise

So-called Big Box retail stores such as Lowes and Home Depot often keep heavy products on high warehouse shelves. Store managers and supervisors have a legal responsibility to ensure that employees follow precise safety precautions and policies when using forklifts and ladders to bring products down to the customer. Despite corporate policies and OSHA regulations, many customers suffer severe injuries when a product falls from a high shelf, causing severe head, neck, and back injuries. Our firm has successfully obtained significant money damages for injuries resulting from falling objects.

I Handle Serious Premises Liability Cases

I am  not a “conveyor belt” slip and fall personal injury firm that pushes you into filing a lawsuit, then pushes you to accept a low settlement offer. I focus on serious personal injury cases that have a real impact on the lives of the victim. This includes falling products, assault injuries resulting from inadequate security, and cases of management negligence.

I have extensive experience to fight for your rights. Premises liability cases are often complex and involve investigating multiple parties to identify those who are liable. I work hard to find every available insurance avenue for your compensation. Property management companies often sub-contract for specific services and I often find the subcontractor shares some level of liability. 

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If you have been injured in an accident on private property, contact my office in Houston, Texas, to discuss your premises liability case. I will fight to win you justice.

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