3 of the Most Common Motorcycle Accidents

So, you just got that sweet-new ride and are ready to feel the freedom of two wheels. Then, out of the blue as you are coming to an intersection a car fails to see you or judges your speed incorrectly, makes a turn into you and “crash!” This is the most common situation motorcyclist will run into so it’s important to use caution when around intersections.

How do you avoid being in this situation? Simple, develop constantly scanning your surroundings and think about what the cars around you could do and how you would avoid them if necessary. This is a skill that is developed after riding for a while so don’t worry if you don’t have that “sixth sense” yet.

“Aaaah, the twisties (going around corners).” Arguably, the reason why you buy a motorcycle in the first place, to feel the exhilaration as you take a corner, the weight of the bike between your legs. Still, corners can be dangerous, the most common way to wipe out is hitting gravel or loose dirt in a blind corner. Sometimes corner angles are tight and you can’t see the full turn ahead of you this is a blind corner. You’re riding around having a great time and you take a blind corner too fast giving yourself no time to react to gravel in the way. Suddenly, now you are off the bike sliding into on coming traffic wondering “what happened?”

How do you avoid being in this situation? Simple, Don’t hit the patch of gravel or dirt in the first place! Ride at a speed you feel comfortable reacting to all kinds of situation at. A general rule of thumb known by most riders is “Slow in, Fast out.”

Alright, now you’ve come to a stop at an intersection and are recording a sweet moto-vlog when a car behind you fails to see you or plainly just isn’t paying attention and plows your rear at high speeds. Driving a car you would just call this a “fender bender” but on a motorcycle an accident like this could be fatal.

How do you avoid being in this situation? Simple, Use cars that are already at a stop in front of you and pull in front of them so any collisions will affect them before you. Coming to a stop with no cars in front of you? Stop on the side of the road rather then in the center of the lane, check your mirrors, flash your lights and be prepared to accelerate forward if necessary.

In summary, use caution at intersections and develop your scanning, take corners at at comfortable speeds “Slow in, Fast out.” Watch your rear. Still, if you are in an accident what should you do? First, check everyone for possible injuries, call 911 if necessary. Next, take pictures of multiple angles without putting you or others in danger. Finally, move your bike off the road; exchange insurance information and if court is necessary consider contacting an accident attorney or a personal injury lawyer. A motorcycle accident lawyer will work diligently to present your case and get you the money you deserve for your injuries.

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