43 Year Old Samaritan From Texas Goes Missing After Freak Accident

Puneet Nehra, 43, has gone missing after a suspected driver, who was driving under the influence, pushed him over a bridge into the Brazos River in Houston, Texas, while he was assisting the victim of a car accident.

Authorities used boat and helicopter to find him but the search was hindered by rain, high water levels and debris.

A rescue organization known by the name of Texas EquuSearch, dedicated to searching for missing individuals, is making efforts to find him.

Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch said, “So much debris underneath the water when we’re doing sonar work and then actually where he went in at, it goes out into like 48 feet deep, so we got some pretty deep water”.

Needville resident 30-year-old Gregory Kure was taken into custody by investigators in relation to the case. He has been charged with DUI but the charges might change if Nehra is not found alive.
Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Maj Chad Norvell told that according to a PTI, Nehra was getting back home from picking up dinner for his family when he, along with another driver, stopped to assist an individual involved in an accident on the Brazos River Bridge of the northbound Grand Parkway on 3rd of May.

Before deputies could respond to the first accident, another car with a suspected drunken driver at the wheel crashed into the scene around 9 p.m.

Police officers suspect that Nehra was knocked over the bridge and fell into the river by the 2nd motor vehicle.

A report by Click2Houston.com showed that Nehra has black hair, his height is around 5 feet 9 inches and weight is almost 154 lbs. He was wearing blue jeans, a white Polo shirt with red and blue stripes, and New Balance sneakers when he went missing.
Norvell added, “Nobody saw him get knocked into the water. They didn’t realize that was what happened until they had more vehicles than they had drivers. They went to his residence nearby to make sure he didn’t just walk home.

The deputies were told by his family that he had not yet returned home.

Norvell told the news when officers realized that Nehra was likely knocked off the bridge and into the river.

His wife and two young children, aged 12-year-old and 5-year-old, are hoping and praying for the best. They are asking any individual with information about what happened at the accident spot to come forward and contact the Sheriff’s Office.

News Source: www.IndiaWest.com

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