8-Year-Old Killed In Texas As Gunman Opens Fire On Car After Crash

HOUSTON – 8-year-old DeMaree Atkins was killed by a gunshot after surviving a three-vehicle accident that happened early Saturday morning on West Fuqua Street near Sam Houston Parkway.

The girl was travelling with her mother. There was no other passenger in the vehicle.

According to the police, 2 vehicles were travelling south on West Fuqua when they crashed into a black Honda Accord which was travelling east along the Beltway feeder road. 1 person took out his gun and started firing. It is believed that the gunman was one of the individuals travelling in one of the 3 vehicles involved in an accident.

Detective David Stark, with the Houston Police Department told, “At some point somebody from one of the two other vehicles on Fuqua got out, shot up the other vehicle, striking a young 8-year-old girl in the back seat. She later died from her injuries at the hospital.”

The cops are trying to find individuals behind the wheel of the 2 vehicles that were involved in the accident. The person behind the wheel of a white Pontiac left the car on the accident spot and the driver of the other vehicle escaped the accident spot with his vehicle. The 3rd vehicle got involved in the accident after the crash of the first two vehicles.

Thomas told, “I looked over and thought she was trying to help. She pulled a gun out of the window and she started shooting. Each one of those bullets hit the back of my car where my baby was. I pulled her out of the car; I didn’t even know she had been hit. I thought she was still asleep.” She also told that when she laid her daughter on the ground, she came to know that she sustained a gunshot wound when she saw blood on her clothes. She pulled up her daughter’s shirt and saw the wound.

Source: www.abc7news.com

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