Arlington Police Searching For Driver Who Struck And Killed A Female Passenger In Single-Car Accident

ARLINGTON – Police are looking for an individual who was behind the wheel of a white sedan who hit a woman involved in an earlier, single-car accident.

The woman died in the accident after she was struck by a sedan while she was trying to assist the driver of the vehicle in which she was travelling as he had been thrown out of the vehicle after it struck a guardrail and rolled.

Both the crashes happened just before 2 a.m. The location of the crashes was the eastbound lanes of Interstate 20, near Kelly Elliott Road.

According to Arlington police spokeswoman, VaNessa Harrison, the first crash occurred when the male behind the wheel struck a guardrail, lost control of the vehicle and rolled over several times. He was thrown out of the vehicle. She added, “According to witnesses, the female (passenger) came running to the (driver), possibly to render aid, when she was struck by another vehicle.”

The person behind the wheel of the other vehicle involved in the accident escaped the accident spot. He was said to be driving a small white colored sedan. He is in contact with the police and is assisting them in completing the investigation of the case.

Police identified the male driver as 18-year-old Paul Acosta, who was studying at Arlington Martin High School. Both the driver and the passenger died at the accident spot.

The woman who died in the crash was identified as 19-year-old Destiny Crispin. She was a student of South Grand Prairie High School.

On Monday night, a candlelight service was held at Barnett Junior High School in Arlington, as shown through a post on Facebook.

A family member of the woman said, “It is a very tragic death.”

On Monday morning, cops were at the accident spot collecting details from people who saw the accident happening live.

3 lanes of traffic were closed for investigation.

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