Austin Car Crash Leaves Two Members Of Valley Center Family Dead

On Saturday, 2 members of Valley Center family died and 2 others sustained serious injuries in an accident that happened in Austin, Texas, as a person driving under the influence of alcohol crashed into their vehicle.

The family was enjoying a trip when 38-year-old Nancy Latulippe and her 14-year-old son, Jackson died due to an intoxicated driver. Her husband, Scott Latulippe, and daughter, Kiera, suffered injuries in the accident.

According to the police, 41-year-old Guy Brastad was going northbound on Research Road in Austin when he lost control of his vehicle around 3:30 p.m. He crossed a median into the southbound lane and hit the Latulippe family’s fiat head-on.

Nancy and her son died at the accident spot while her husband was rushed to the hospital for surgery as he sustained serious injuries. Her daughter was not severely injured in the accident.

It is shown by a police report that the impaired driver, Brasted, was taken to Del Seton Hospital, where his blood sample was taken to check his BAC level which came out as 0.203 percent. He was taken into custody on suspicion of intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault.

In a statement, Valley Center Superintendent Mary Gorsuch said, “We are all saddened by the news of the terrible accident this weekend”. Scott is still in critical condition in the (intensive care unit) in Austin, getting excellent care. Daughter Kiera, a student at Valley Center Elementary, is physically okay.”

Mark Latulippe, a California Highway Patrol officer and Scott’s cousin said, “Scotty is fighting for his life because of a DUI driver, and he destroyed a family in the process. My cousin’s wife and his son aren’t here because of that, and it’s not fair”. He also said that a long time is required for recovery and his daughter was not seriously injured as she was wearing a seatbelt. He added, “Kiera is a miracle, considering the carnage that was placed on the vehicle. Her life changed in the blink of an eye. She’s remarkably strong, and she’s surrounded by all of us trying to lift her up. We won’t know for a long time how she’s really doing, but at the moment, she’s getting by.”

The family was living in Valley Center since the last 3 years and six months and they enjoyed outdoor life.

The teaching profile of Scott Latulippe stated that he was excited to be teaching media production and driver’s education at the high school. He was a graduate of California State University, San Marcos. His profile on the website mentioned, “Our free time is occupied with hunting down off-road trails in the jeep, spending relaxing time together on the lake, or hitting up a baseball game (Go Storm!…minor league, yes. Yet tons of fun!).”

He was also a teacher of automotive technology at Valley Center High School after which he served Universal Technical Institute as an admissions representative for some time. He had recently returned to high school where his students loved him.

His wife, Nancy Latulippe, worked in claims at Geico Insurance in Poway and Jackson LaTulippe was involved in Boy Scouts. According to Scott’s brother, “They’re a fun, loving family that are involved in their community. They loved to go camping and off-roading and boating. They went to Europe for three weeks last July, and had the vacation of a lifetime last summer.”

Gorsuch added, “Our hearts go out to the family, extended family, friends and loved ones of the Latulippe family as we grieve together and support each other. Opportunities for students and staff to reach out to the family with messages of love and support will be available on the VCHS campus and when we know more about what the family needs, we will keep you informed.”

The high school will make efforts to assist the family. Grief counselors were available on campus along with additional staff.

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