Bryan Man Facing Charges After Leaving Accident Involving Injury

On Tuesday, 50-year-old Michael Paul Cheatheam was taken into custody after he was accused of hitting another vehicle and leaving the accident spot.

A cop was on-duty at South Texas Avenue when he saw a damaged maroon sport-utility vehicle travelling. There was glass scattered on the road which was giving a clue that an accident had just happened. He chased the vehicle and asked the female to come out of the vehicle when she parked. She told the cops that she had been driving along Texas Avenue and crashed into a Ford. She was complaining of pain in her chest as she said she suffered an injury in the accident.

The Ford which she struck was found by the cops after some time and the person behind its wheel was complaining of head pain.

2 individuals saw the accident live and they told the police that the woman was not driving the SUV, but a male was behind its wheel. Then the woman told the cops that Michael Paul Cheatheam was driving the SUV and he escaped the accident spot because his driver’s license was suspended.

The police succeeded in finding Cheatheam in a nearby parking lot. They came to know after an investigation that he was driving with a suspended driver’s license and he also didn’t have car insurance.

The charges of Cheatheam included:

  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Failure to render aid in an accident involving serious bodily injury
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • 2 traffic violations

His bond was set at $12,510 bond and he is still in jail as the bond was not posted.

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