Elevator Brakes Found at Fault in Downtown Accidents

Feb. 18, 2009, 9:58PM

A faulty emergency brake system caused two accidents in a downtown office building that left two injured, one seriously, in recent months, the building’s owner said Wednesday. Governors part of the emergency stopping system malfunctioned in two elevator cabs at the 717 Texas building, Adam Rose, property manager for Hines, said in an e-mail sent to tenants and forwarded to the Chronicle.

Deborah DeRouen suffered critical injuries Dec. 9 when an elevator at the 717 Texas building at Texas and Milam the former Calpine Tower fell from the 27th floor to the 23rd floor.

Carleen Naumann, a sales representative for Besco Tubular, was injured Jan. 12 when an elevator dropped from the 27th to the 25th floor.

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