How Can You Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

If you developed work-related injuries or got injured at work, then you are eligible for workers’ compensation to cover your lost wages and medical treatment bills. The types of benefits and compensation amount depend on case to case and as per the state laws you reside in. Let’s have a look at the benefits victim can get.

Disability Benefits

The capacity of lost earnings that you had before injury and that prevented you from working during the injury times are covered in the workers’ compensation. For instance, you are eligible for 50% of the difference between the current wage and the wage you used to earn before the disability if you are partially disabled from doing tasks.

Similarly, the compensation in case of disability for a limited period covers two-third of the average weekly wage. Depending upon the situation, you can get compensation for permanent disability whether injury left you partially or totally disabled.

Medical Benefits

In work-related injuries, all the necessary medical expenses are covered. These include:

  • Prosthetics
  • Surgery
  • Hospital stays
  • Medications
  • Assistive devices and crutches
  • Nursing services


The benefits also include lost wages in cases such as missing work for the hearing in front of a court or attending the medical evaluation by the employer. The victim is compensated for the lost wages while traveling to and from the court hearings or appointments.

Vocational Benefits

Losing a job after an injury and then getting a new job for the future is one of the biggest concerns. The victim usually stresses over this a lot. If workplace injury made you unable to perform your job, then you are entitled to the workers’ compensation benefits for vocational rehabilitation. The training duration is up to 2-years and prepares you to retain and obtain new employment. The new job may be different from your previous job. The services included in these benefits are:

  • Job training
  • Job placement
  • Resume and interview preparation
  • Vocational counseling
  • Vocational assessment

When Can You Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

You will be paid workers’ compensation benefits 15 days after WCC award the benefits or within 15 days of the due date payment. The victim must claim within two years of the injury to get compensation. It takes two to three business days to process these claims. An order is issued after approval which requires the employer to pay the awarded benefits.

Who Will Pay Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

WCC will not pay for workers’ compensation benefits. The employer or insurer of the employer is required to pay the benefits to the victim employee. They directly pay medical bills to the employee. The commission only processes compensation claims and makes approval or denial decisions.

Hire an Experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

You need to explore an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Sacramento who can help you pursue the benefits you deserve. A reputable attorney will evaluate the claim and share with you the available options to get the compensation you are eligible for to cover your lost wages and medical bills.

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