Intoxicated Driver Kills Man In Cypress In Car Accident

CYPRESS, Texas – An individual sustained life-threatening injuries on Friday due to a car accident that was caused by an impaired driver.

A silver Buick was stopped at a stop sign on Telge Road near Boudreaux Road but as it started to turn left, a White Dodge Ram hit it. Both vehicles came to rest in a ditch.

The person behind the wheel of the Buick was identified as Wayne Childers, who died at the accident spot.

The driver of the Ram was identified as Owen McNett who sustained non-life threatening injuries for which he was taken to a hospital. It is confirmed that he was driving under the influence of alcohol when he caused the crash and he will be charged for intoxication as well as manslaughter.

It was not the first time that McNett was involved in a DUI case as he was once convicted for DUI back in 2007 and then again in 2013.

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