Mickey Gilley And His Son Involved In Car Accident In Texas

On 3rd of January, Mickey Gilley and his son were involved in a car crash due to which the 81-year-old singer suffered serious injuries, including several broken bones.

He owns a theater and he was going to the town of Lufkin, Texas, with his son when the accident happened. They were travelling in a 2013 Toyota SUV and the singer was behind its wheel when another driver ran a stop sign in front of his car. He changed the direction of his car to avoid colliding with the other vehicle but ended up clipping it due to which the SUV rolled over and came to rest upside down in the median.

According to his wife, he suffered a broken ankle and shoulder.

Gilley was famous and his songs were loved in the ’70s and ’80s. Some of his hit ones include:

  • Room full of roses
  • Stand by me
  • True love ways
  • The power of positive drinkin’

It was not the 1st time when he got involved in an accident as he was paralyzed due to the accident that occurred in 2009 for which he underwent years of physical therapy. In 2010, he returned to his theater to perform and went on an international tour after 3 years in 2014.

News Source: www.TasteOfCountry.com

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