Motorcycle Accident In Montgomery Leaves Teen Dead

MONTGOMERY – On Friday, 17-year-old Trenton Fortune died while riding a bike to school just a day after putting his motorcycle up for sale.

He is the 2nd Montgomery High School student to have died last week.

At the accident spot, Montgomery residents Terry and Cindy Cummings were standing holding each other where the accident occurred between a motorcycle and a car due to which their grandson Trenton Fortune died.

On Saturday, 16-year-old Sophomore Grant Hobson was killed and the reason of the death was a fatal reaction to synthetic LSD.

On Friday, the reason of the accident was under investigation by troopers with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

52-year-old Lori D. Edward was behind the wheel of a 1998 Hyundai Sonata, who was turning left from the center lane of Texas 105 eastbound onto Freeport Drive. Fortune was riding a 2008 Yamaha, he was going west on Texas 105. As the Sonata turned, the motorcycle hit it on the right front quarter.

At about 6:34 a.m., the Montgomery County Hospital District information showed that the dispatchers received a report of an accident involving a motorcycle on Texas 105 near Freeport Drive.

Fortune was pronounced dead at the accident spot.

Cindy Cummings, Fortune’s grandmother said, “He loved riding a bike. We actually just put it in the paper yesterday to sell it, to get him a car, because he wanted to be able to take Maddie, his girlfriend, places with him. We were going to get him a Volkswagen. It was probably one of the last times he was going to ride that bike”.

Cummings added that Fortune had been riding motorcycles with her husband, Fortune’s grandfather, Terry, since he was 5-years-old. “He’s been riding motorcycles, dirt bikes, and he got a street bike when he was 16. He loved it, loved it, loved it”.

According to Sonja Lopez, director of communications for Montgomery ISD, counselors from all over the district will be at the high school to assist the students. She added, “The principal was very quick to inform everyone this morning. He sent out a quick reach message to all of our parents, with the student’s parents’ permission, to release the name so we can talk about it with our students”. Lopez further said that counselors will be at the high school until early next week as they are required.

Edward was rushed in stable condition to Conroe Regional Medical Center.

In a letter on Monday, Montgomery HS Principal Phil Eaton wrote to parents related to Hobson’s death that the school “will try to maintain as normal a routine and structure as the situation and people allow,” encouraging parents to do the same.

Details of Hobson’s death are still under investigation but according to a source close to the investigation, a reaction to synthetic LSD is the suspected reason of death.

On Thursday, a memorial service for Hobson was held at The Cowboy Church of Montgomery. The family asked for donations to be made to the high school’s debate program, of which Hobson was a member.

It was written in the letter, “The students and staff will react in different ways to the death of one of our school community members. We all should expect and try to understand that there will be a variety of emotions and responses to what has occurred. The most important thing we can do is to be supportive and encourage an open expression of feelings. At the school, we have implemented a plan for responding to this tragic event focused on helping our students and their families get back to regular learning and everyday activities as soon as possible. Our teachers and counselors have been briefed on our plans and have received guidelines for discussing this death and reactions to it. There will be district personnel available to students who need special attention and support. There is also help available from the community”.

The letter was sent to parents 4 days before Fortune’s death.

On Friday, Associate Principal Robert Morrison took to social media, requesting prayers for the school, community and teenagers’ families who lost dear ones.

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